Tower Bee House

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  • large mason bee house
  • large mason bee house
  • large mason bee house
  • large mason bee house
  • Cocoon Hatchery by Crown Bees
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Our largest bee house, the Tower Bee House was designed with the solitary bee enthusiast in mind. Proudly made in the US of Northwest cedar.


  • 14" H x 10" W x 9" D
  • Accommodates:
    • 280 Bee Tubes
    • 250 Large Natural Reeds
    • 350 Small Natural Reeds
    • 96-Hole Count, 8mm Mason Bee Wood Tray
    • 156-Hole Count, 6mm Leafcutter Bee Wood Tray


  • The Tower's attic provides a safe space to release bee cocoons.
  • Roof overhang protects nesting materials and bees from the wind and rain.
  • Our manufacturer sources their wood from sustainable logging companies, which use selective harvesting, downed tree harvesting, and post-wildfire harvesting. Wood is finished with rosewood oil, harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree. No trees are ever cut down to create this oil.
  • Made in the United States
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