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BeeWorks Kit with Cottage Bee House

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About Crown Bees

Our Vision for a Healthy World

Gardeners and farmers grow more food when raising the right bee on the right crop - it’s that simple. Over the past thirty years, research and field trials have proven the positive relationship between bee diversity and crop yield. Crown Bees raises, sells, and advocates for solitary hole-nesting bees that pollinate significantly better than the honey bee.

Our History

Crown Bees retail website was launched in 2009 and by 2010 we had products in nurseries throughout the Northwest. We're proud to have expanded our garden and hardware store wholesales nationally, become advisers to academia, spoken at the United Nations about food security, and partnered with multiple nonprofits.

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Wild Bee Monitoring by Citizen Scientists

The Crown Bees Native Bee Network program empowers citizen scientists to find, identify, and raise native hole-nesting bees for future local pollination.

  • New research shows that a diversity of pollinators is vital to effectively pollinate our crops.
  • Scientific studies over the past 30 years conclude that native bees are better-suited pollinators of nutritious foods like fruit, nuts, berries, and vegetables.
  • Ultimately, native bees discovered in our program will be raised in organic farms and orchards for food production.
Crown Bees Press Release

Press Release: Bee Observer Tray

The release of Crown Bees latest product, the Bee Observer, available for both mason and leafcutter bees, provides a fun and educational way to raise native bees, helping produce more food for our ever-growing population.

by: Andrew Wilson, Crown Bees
June 12, 2019
Category: Press Releases
Deter Wasps

A Natural Deterrent for Social Wasp Nests

Learn how to naturally deter social wasps from building a nest near your home.

by: Demarus Tevuk
July 30, 2019
Category: Pro Tips
Interview at Oxbow Farm

Video interview at Oxbow Farm in WA State

Dave Hunter of Crown Bees filming at Oxbow Farms in Washington State for a program by One Tree Planted about the important role bees play in supporting tree propagation.

by: Karl Alexander
August 13, 2019
Category: Press Releases