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2020 Summer Leafcutter Bees - 200 ct

2-Day FedEx Leafcutter Bee Doorstep Service

2-Day FedEx Leafcutter Bee Doorstep Service

2021 Spring Mason Bees - 20 ct

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Grow more apples, pears, and plums with our springtime hole-nesting bees that are 100 times more effective than honey bees. 20 cocoons per order. Price includes FREE First Class shipping! We ship mason bee cocoons on Mondays, Feb - April, 2021. Select your date to ship below. US and CA orders only.

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Spring Mason Bees: Perfect for fruit and nut trees, berries, and virtually all spring-blooming flowers. Our mason bees can double or triple your fruit yield!

• Fly in cooler weather and light rain and wind
• 100-200 times more effective pollinators than honey bees
• Easy to raise, require only an hour of care per year

Each order includes 20 high-quality mason bee cocoons; 8 female and 12 male cocoons, nature’s natural ratio. We harvest and wash our mason bee cocoons to reduce diseases and pests.

Pro Tip: Select the Monday bee ship date that is two weeks before your earliest spring blooms begin to open.

Spring mason bees are native across North America and we strive to source mason bee cocoons that are raised locally to you and acclimated to your region. Participate in BeeBuyBack by sending us your extra mason bee cocoons to increase our stock of locally raised bees.

We Highly Recommend: Female mason bees won't nest without clayey mud nearby. Ensure a clayey mud source by adding our Mason Bee Mud Mix near your bee house. Apply our InvitaBee Plus+ to your nesting materials to make your bee house smell like home.

Adult bees may naturally emerge during shipping between February and May. Please follow the included mason bee care instruction sheet.

Although we do all we can to ensure mason bee health, sometimes bees die in hibernation.


Price includes free shipping via First Class Mail. Bee cocoons are mailed on Mondays.

Free bundle shipping applies to a single order containing only mason bee cocoons along with Mason Bee Mud Mix and/or InvitaBee Plus+. Bee cocoons and these accessories will ship on the Monday Bee Ship Date selected.

We cannot ship bees outside the United States and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Buy with Mud or InvitaBee & get free shipping on these products only!
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