HumidiBee(TM) Cocoon Humidifier for Mason Bees

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  • HumidiBee(TM) Cocoon Humidifier for Mason Bees
  • HumidiBee(TM) Cocoon Humidifier for Mason Bees
  • Humidity and temperature gauge
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A compact, humidity-controlled case protects your slumbering mason bee cocoons throughout the winter. 

The consistent cold temperature of your fridge conserves the energy of your mason bee cocoons as they hibernate over winter. Storing your harvested mason bee cocoons in your fridge increases the viability of mason bee cocoons during release next spring.


  • Lightweight, transparent container with clam-shell lid
  • Absorbent pad—just add a tablespoon of water monthly
  • Holds about 1,500 spring mason bee cocoons

Features :

  • The HumidiBee(TM) prevents your spring mason bee cocoons from drying out in modern low-humidity, frost-free refrigerators.
  • Simply add a spoonful of water to the moisture-absorbing pad once a month and you'll provide a humidity level of 60-70% in a fridge set at 34-38F (1-3C).
  • Add our humidity and temperature gauge to monitor your refrigerator environment and ensure it is sufficient for your hibernating bees!



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1 Review

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    Posted by Bee Mom on Apr 2nd 2023

    I’ve used my cocoon humidifier for two seasons so far, and I can honestly say I would not want to care for my bees without it. After harvesting and cleaning the season’s precious cocoons, I can store them for the winter worry-free. I place the temperature/humidity gauge in the nook at the hinged end, add a little water and the cocoons, put the humidifier in a small paper bag, and tuck it away in the crisper. Peek in from time to time to check the humidity and add water if needed. After releasing cocoons in the spring, wash it and use again next harvest.

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