HumidiBee with Mason Bee Cocoons

The HumidiBeeTM is a compact case that prevents your hibernating mason bee cocoons from drying out in your fridge. 

Research shows that mason bee cocoons overwintered in a controlled environment consume their stored fats much slower than in fluctuating outdoor temperatures. The HumidiBeeTM can safely store about 1,500 spring mason bee cocoons. 


  •  Best levels.
    • Temperatures between 34F/1C and 37F/3C
    • Humidity between 30% and 80% - You can accurately monitor the humidity levels in your refrigerator with a humidity gauge.
  • Set your fridge temperature between 34F/1C and 38F/3C and keep the HumidiBeeTM away from the freezer air supply vent. 
  • Place cocoons on top of the HumidiBeeTM black pad (Green pad is underneath.).
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons (15-30ml) of tap water (mason bee cocoons are waterproof).
  • Close the lid all the way. The holes in the HumidiBee provide sufficient air circulation.
  • Each month, check for dampness and add water if needed.
  • Wash away mold with a short soak in water. Gently blot cocoons dry before applying CleanBeeTM spray to treat mold spores.
  • When storing fruit like apples, open your fridge door periodically to release ethylene gas.