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Solitary Bee, Image by Lisa Fotios, Pexels

Hi! We’re so happy you’re interested in solitary bees. After all, they are the perfect pollinators for backyard gardens, farms, and orchards because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are super cross-pollinators that can double or even triple your yields!

We know getting started can be a bit daunting at times, especially with the vast array of products and advice available. How do you know what to select and where to begin? How can you tell the difference between bee-safe nesting materials and practices from those that are poorly constructed and harmful to bees?

At Crown Bees, we are driven by research and community partnerships to ensure our bees and bee-raising products are bee-safe and sustainability-focused. We partner with beekeepers, researchers, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies to stay informed on the current challenges facing our managed and native bee populations and bring together the best practices for solving those challenges.

In this guide, we cover the fundamental questions about solitary bees and provide step-by-step guidance to help you become a successful bee raiser. The focus is kept simple on purpose; however, we’ve incorporated many links that will take you to more in-depth learning pages if you’d like to dive deeper into a specific topic.

We don't expect you to remember or search for this information throughout the's a lot of info! We love sharing our knowledge and helping our community of bee raisers be successful, so each month we spend time crafting our BeeMail with seasonal reminders and tips to help you along the way. Sign up today and never worry about when to do what with your solitary bees!

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