Clean Bee Solution

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We recommend Clean Bee™ as a safer alternative to bleach for targeting mold, chalkbrood (a fungal spore), and other surface diseases that can harm your mason bees. Click here to learn more about Clean Bee™ and view instructions.


  • Contains 8 Mil. of product, a bit more than 1/2 Tablespoon. It only takes a small amount. Please see instructions.
  • Naturally occurring, HOCl is a pure and stable compound that is safe for humans, animals, and insects.


  • During bee cocoon harvest, lightly apply Clean Bee™ to the inside of your reusable wood nesting trays to treat for chalkbrood and other infections.
  • Spray Clean Bee™ on your mason bee cocoons to treat mold growth in your HumidiBee container during winter storage.
  • Manufactured by Briotech, Inc.
  • Use all contents or replace yearly.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet. (Very safe!)
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