Our Cedar Bee Houses - Locally Made & Sustainably Sourced


We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, sustainably sourced bee-safe bee houses. It's certainly true that you can find a cheaper bee house, but our handcrafted bee houses will last for many years - ultimately saving you money since they won't need replacement as often.

Locally Made 

Our cedar bee houses are made of northwest cedar and are handcrafted locally in Western Washington, which supports the U.S. economy and reduces our shipping footprint.

Sustainably Sourced 

Our manufacturer sources their wood from sustainable logging companies, which use selective harvesting, downed tree harvesting, and post-wildfire harvesting. We use the scrap wood left behind from larger projects to build our cedar houses. By using the end pieces slated for disposal, we prevent these pieces from entering the waste stream. The wood is finished with rosewood oil, harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree. No trees are ever cut down to create this oil.

Bee-Safe Design Features 

All our cedar houses include:

  • A roof overhang to keep nesting materials and bees protected from wind and rain;
  • A keyhole slot in the back to make installation on a sturdy wall or fence post a breeze;
  • An attic or cocoon drawer to protect your mason and leafcutter bee cocoons from birds, sunlight, wind, and rain. Please note: the Station Bee House  does not have an attic or cocoon drawer.

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