Spring Mason Bees

Mason bees are great pollinators, known for their efficient and thorough pollination of a wide variety of flowering plants. With their fuzzy bodies collecting abundant pollen as they forage, Mason bees belly-flop transferring pollen from flower to flower, ensuring robust fruit and vegetable yields in gardens, farms, and orchards. Their gentle nature and amazing pollination habits make them indispensable partners for growers seeking to maximize their harvest yield of early spring blooming fruit trees and berry bushes.

They are gentle, unlike their honey bee counterparts, have no colonies to defend and rarely sting, making them safe and approachable for families and pets. Their gentle nature allows for up-close observation and interaction, providing an enriching experience for enthusiasts of all ages. By welcoming mason bees into the garden, individuals not only support biodiversity and ecosystem health but also cultivate a peaceful coexistence with these valuable pollinators.

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