Native Bee Program for Public Gardens


Engaging Native Bee Education For Your Visitors

We've developed a program that makes it easy for you to install and sustainably maintain native bee habitats in your gardens at no cost to you.


Why Do This?

Native bees are declining at an alarming rate, and you are uniquely positioned to educate the public about their value, plight, and care. Together we can show people how to increase bee habitats in a safe, sustainable manner.

Crown Bees has been at the forefront of the solitary bee industry for more than fifteen years, and education has always been a keystone principle of our business. Our never-ending research guides every decision we make and empowers and challenges us to share that knowledge in every way we can.

We invite you to collaborate with us to create a brighter tomorrow for our families, our cities, and our planet.

Brief Program Overview

  • We provide a Villa Bee House and 100 Natural Reeds at no cost.
  • A QR Code attaches to your native bee display and leads to a co-branded native bee education page.
  • Timely emails guide a staff member or volunteer through sustainable bee care with step-by-step instructions and videos.
  • A dedicated account manager answers questions, brainstorms event and educational ideas, and serves as a general sounding board.
  • Through our Bee Buy Back Program you can sell your extra cocoons back to us in the fall, and receive store credit toward next season's nesting reeds.
  • Wholesale opportunity.
  • You'll have educational resources at your fingertips.
  • We will work to connect you to research entomologists in your area to identify previously unnamed bee species. This is an effort to increase bee diversity, encourage new research, and discover new manageable bees within your region.

To learn more:

Contact Kylie Sabra ( or schedule an appointment here.