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DIY Wild Bee Pollinator Set

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DIY Wild Bee Pollinator Set


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Bee Discovery: Get to Know the Wild Bees in Your Garden!  

Through curiosity, observation, and “Thinking like a bee!”, we have created a combination pack of nesting materials for varied sizes of bees and beneficial wasps.  

Transform your bee house into a safe nesting habitat for all the different sizes of cavity-nesting bees in your garden with our DIY Wild bee Nesting Combo Pack. This pollination pack includes natural reeds with cavities sizes from 9mm to 3mm and provides nesting materials that varied size bees and beneficial wasps need to lay the next generation of insect pollinators.   


·         Beneficial Solitary wasps hunt garden pests. These solitary wasps are less aggressive than solitary wasps and they typically do not prey on bees. 

·         Natural Reeds open easily and safely, making the removal of healthy cocoons a snap. 

·         Attracting Bees using our InvitaBee spray attractants for a variety of mason and leafcutter bee species.  


Set Up and Enjoy:  

Thinking like a bee, place your Wild Bee nesting material into your bee B&B, near flowering plants to attract local wild bees. Get to know the diverse array of bee species from the tiniest sweat bees to the industrious carpenter bees, each one plays a pivotal role in the tapestry of nature. By sharing your Wild Bee Pollinator Pack, you’re crafting a conservation haven. Just remember, the roof should extend like a cozy porch, at least 3 inches beyond the Natural Reeds, offering shelter from the rain. 


Use the seasonally choice of Invitabee spray on the nesting material. In springtime use the Mason bee spray then in the summertime when removing the clay capped reds use the summertime leaf loving invitabee spray. 

Pro Tip: to make your bee abode irresistible use the Invitabee spray! It’s like perfume for bees. Spritz the Mason bee spray in spring to set the mood nesting. Then, when summer rolls in and the clay caped reeds are swapped out, switch to the leaf-loving Invitabee spray. It’s the perfect way to say, “Welcome home, bees!” 



  • InvitaBee Attractant for Mason bees including 5 reeds 
  • InvitaBee Attractant Leafcutter bees including 5 reeds 
  • Mini Cocoon finder for 4mm reeds 
  • 35 Natural Reeds - size 7-9mm  
  • 35 Natural Reeds - size 4-6mm  
  • 30 Natural Reeds - size 3-5mm  
  • Native Bee Guide Book  
  • Instruction Sheet   

Set is 15% off individually priced items.