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InvitaBee Leafcutter Bee Attractant

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InvitaBee Leafcutter Bee Attractant


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Research suggests that leafcutter bees are attracted toĀ pheromones left behind from previous nestingĀ seasons.Ā InvitaBeeā„¢ LeafcutterĀ Bee Attractant isĀ designed to mimic theseĀ pheromones and lure the leafcutter bee species toĀ artificial nesting sitesĀ ā€“such as bee houses.
Lifestyle photos may not accurately depict what is included with this product. Please make sure to read the specifications below.
Each package contains:
  • 1.5 ml bottle ofĀ InvitaBeeā„¢ LeafcutterĀ Bee Attractant
  • 5 Small Natural Reeds for Leafcutter Bees. Reeds are included as a visual attractant for bees.


  • InvitaBee attracts leafcutter bees to your nesting materials through the stimulation of two powerful senses -sight and smell. Leafcutter beeā€™s preferred nesting materials are natural reeds. Spray the natural pheromones (scent attractant) on the natural reeds (visual attractant) to encourage leafcutter bees to nest in your bee house.
  • Each vial of InvitaBee includes about 20 sprays of the attractant. On average this is enough for two bee houses.
  • Use of the spray will not guarentee that leafcutter bees will nest in your bee house. The nature of nature. The spray will, however, help attract bees to your nesting materials.
  • The scent from InvitaBeeā„¢ lasts for about 3 weeks, which is ample time for attracting nesting bees.
  • Store InvitaBeeā„¢ in a cool, dark location. InvitaBeeā„¢+ has a 2-year shelf life.

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