InvitaBee for Mason Bees

InvitaBeeTM attractants' proprietary blends contain a nesting scent that mason and leafcutter bees find attractive.

Bees like to nest where bees have nested before and InvitaBee makes your nesting materials smell like home. Each InvitaBeeTM kit contains 1.5ml of InvitaBeeTM pheromone spray and five natural reeds—included as a visual attractant for your bees.

The formula for InvitaBeeTM Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant was developed by Crown Bees and Crown Bees holds the USDA patent license for the InvitaBeeTM Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant, this pheromone is an attractant for all Osmia bee species (about 350 worldwide.) Each vial of InvitaBeeTM attractant includes about 20 sprays and is generally enough for two bee houses. The scent lasts for about three weeks, which is ample time for attracting nesting bees.

Apply InvitaBeeTMimmediately prior to the release of your bee cocoons. 

  • Use InvitaBeeTM Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant on the front of 8mm sized nesting cavities.
  • Use InvitaBeeTM Spray Leafcutter Bee Attractant on the front of 6mm sized nesting cavities.


  • Wear gloves. InvitaBeeTM is not toxic, but let's just say that only bees would regard its odor as a delightful perfume.
  • Lightly and evenly spray InvitaBeeTM on the open ends of the five reeds included in your kit. 
  • Place reeds with open ends facing out as far back as possible into the bee house.
  • Lightly spray the front of the rest of your nesting materials.
  • After the bees have completed their flying season, place the reeds in a BeeGuardTM Bag until harvest.
  • Store the remaining InvitaBee attractant in a cool, dark location. InvitaBeeTM has a two-year shelf life.

We do not recommend reusing reeds because pest and disease buildup can kill your bee house population.

How to Open Natural Reeds

  • Pinch the open or capped end of the reed and the reed will begin to split.
  • Carefully pull the reed apart.