Leafcutter Bee on Flower

Hi! We’re so glad you’re interested in raising leafcutter bees! Leafcutter bees are the perfect pollinators for backyard gardens, farms, and crops because they are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch. Not to mention, they are super pollinators of crops like alfalfa and various fruits and vegetables!

This guide covers the fundamental questions about leafcutter bees, specifically the alfalfa leafcutter bee, and provides step-by-step guidance to help you become a successful bee raiser. The guide is kept simple on purpose; however, we’ve incorporated many links that will take you to more in-depth learning pages if you’d like to dive deeper into a specific topic.

But, you know what's really cool? You don't have to remember or search for this information throughout the year. We love sharing our knowledge and helping our community of bee raisers be successful, so each month we spend time crafting our BeeMail with seasonal reminders and tips to help you along the way! Sign up today!

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