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Leafcutter Bee Incubation Kit

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Leafcutter Bee Incubation Kit


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Incubation Kit for Leafcutter Bees

Successful incubation of Leafcutter bees demands precise environmental conditions. Our Leafcutter incubation kit offers a comprehensive solution tailored to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels necessary for the healthy development of your bees.

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Incubating Leafcutter bees Requires:

  1. Steady temperatures around 85F
  2. Humidity levels between 55-75%
  3. About 3 weeks at the above temps and humidity

We've created a Leafcutter incubation kit that is designed to help you shorten the incubation period and prevent your bees from drying out.


  • Incubation Box: A sturdy outer shell designed to house the cocoons during incubation.
  • Water Absorbing Pad: Holds water and helps regulate humidity levels within the incubation box, ensuring optimal conditions for bee development.
  • Filter Pad: Facilitates airflow in the incubation environment.
  • Laminated Instructions: Clear and concise instructions for easy setup and operation of the incubation kit. Helps to regulate humidity level.
  • Cocoon Tray: Provides a dedicated space for incubating leafcutter cocoons.
  • 5W (110v) Heating Pad: Allows you to set up and then maintain the temperature around 85°F, crucial for successful bee incubation.
  • Humidity Gauge: Allows you to quickly and easily check the temperature and humidity levels inside the incubation box.
  • BeeGuard Bag: Protects bee cocoons and ensures a clean and safe environment.
  • Comprehensive Instructions: Step-by-step guidance for setting up and utilizing the incubation kit effectively.

Efficient Bee Incubation:

Our incubation kit streamlines the process, helping you achieve optimal conditions for Leafcutter bee development. With steady temperatures, controlled humidity, and a structured setup, you can significantly shorten the incubation period while safeguarding your bees from drying out.