Leafcutter Bee Incubation Kit™ Instructions

The Leafcutter Bee Incubation Kit™ provides a safe, temperature-controlled environment for incubating Leafcutter bee cocoons. Leafcutter bees hibernate as mature larvae inside their leafy cocoons. Incubation is essential for their development into adult bees, requiring warmth, humidity, and time.


Prepare the Heat Mat

  • Plug in the heat mat.
  • Turn the knob to align the marks, ensuring it will warm up the mat.
Prepare the Incubation Box
  • Open the incubation box and place the green pad at the bottom. Ensure the top with the holes remains clear.
  • Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water to the green pad.
  • Place the black absorbent pad over the wet green pad.
  • Place the laminated instructions over the black pad.
  • Place the cocoon tray on top of the laminated instructions.
  • Add the humidity gauge into the cocoon tray.
  • Close the lid and place the box onto the heat mat.
Warm Up and Humidify
  • Allow the incubation box to warm up to a consistent 75 to 87°F.
  • Ensure the humidity rises above 55%.


Add Leafcutter Cocoons

  • Place the Leafcutter cocoons into the cocoon tray. Note: Leafcutter cocoons are NOT waterproof.
  • Ensure the humidity gauge is visible in the cocoon tray with the cocoons.
  • Close the lid. The holes will provide sufficient air circulation.

Monitor Development

  • Check the incubation box periodically for humidity levels and emerged bees.
  • At 85°F (30°C), adults will emerge after approximately 21 days.
  • At 70°F (21°C), adults will emerge after approximately 42 days.
  • Maintain humidity between 55% and 75%.

Release Adult Bees

  • Once adult Leafcutter bees start to emerge, release the cocoons.


    Weekly Checks

    • Check at least once a week for humidity levels, emerged bees, or wasps.
    • Remove the cocoon tray and gauge as needed.
    • Rinse the green and black pads with warm water.
    • Wipe away any mold that may develop on the box.

    Watch for Parasitic Wasps

    • Pteromalus parasitic wasps can emerge after about 9+ days and attack developing cocoons.
    • Check for parasitic wasps and kill any that you find.
    • Open the box inside the bee guard bag and gently shake the cocoons to ensure any wasps fly up and out inside the bee guard bag.


      • Ensure the incubation box is placed in a dark, warm location.
      • Periodically check for emerged bees and release them promptly.
      • Maintain the necessary humidity and temperature levels for optimal bee development.

      By following these steps, you will provide a safe and effective environment for your Leafcutter bees to thrive.