About Crown Bees


Our Vision for a Healthy World
Gardeners and farmers grow more food when raising the right bee on the right crop - it’s that simple. Over the past thirty years, research and field trials have proven the positive relationship between bee diversity and crop yield. Crown Bees raises, sells, and advocates for hole-nesting bees that pollinate significantly better than the honey bee.

Our History
Crown Bees began in Dave Hunter's garage in 2008, when he began raising mason bees in earnest to supply bees for the almond industry. Our retail website was launched in 2009 and by 2010 Crown Bees had products in nurseries throughout the Northwest. We're proud to have increased online sales, expanded our garden and hardware store wholesales nationally, become advisers to academia, spoken at the United Nations about food security, and partnered with multiple nonprofits.

Our Goal
Crown Bees strives to educate gardeners and farmers for their bee-raising success. We share what we learn from academic research and field trials with our customers through videos, our website, and our monthly BeeMail newsletter where we provide readers with timely reminders and bee-raising tips.

Our Ethics
"In our sphere of influence, do good" remains our mantra.

  • Our cedar is sourced from First Nation forests in British Columbia, with stringent sustainable management requirements.
  • We harvest our bee cocoons to remove and reduce pests and disease.
  • Our InvitaBee products are run through filtering equipment to extract pathogens.
  • We enjoy sharing knowledge. What we learn, we pass to others.
  • We stand behind our products and bees. If you have an issue, we'll work with you towards the best solution. We care about your success.