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Small Bee Discovery

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Small Bee Discovery


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Small Bee Discovery: Get to Know the Bees in Your Yard and Garden!

Our Small Bee Discovery kit was inspired by a visit to Joe Dlugo's pollinator haven. Joe is a solitary beekeeper, citizen scientist, and wildlife gardener. Through curiosity, observation, and "considering the perspective of the bee," he has created habitats for tens of thousands of native bees and countless other species. He exemplifies how anyone can help pollinators thrive. Learn more about his journey by watching the video below!

Add the Small Bee Discovery kit to a bee house as a stand-alone feature or mix these nesting materials with 6-10 mm natural reeds to create a safe nesting habitat for all the different sizes of cavity-nesting bees in your yard and garden.


  • 1 - 76-Hole Farm Grade Reusable Wood Tray: With 6mm diameter nesting cavities
  • 80 - 4mm BeeTubes: Spiral wound 3-ply cardboard BeeTubes


  • 78-Hole Count Tray: 3.25” H x 5.75” W x 6” D | Fits Cabin, Chalet, Villa, Tower, and Townhouse Bee Houses.
  • Natural Imperfections: Each tray has blemishes, knots, or holes. Millions of tons of industrial wood waste, due to natural imperfections, end up in landfills each year. Instead of discarding these pieces, our farm-grade trays embrace these knots, marks, and spots, which do not impact nesting bees.
  • DIY Bee Houses: Ensure the roof is a minimum of 3" longer than the wood tray dimensions.
  • Attracting Bees: Many wild bees prefer habitats that smell like they have been used before. Our InvitaBee pheromone spray attracts a variety of mason and leafcutter bee species.
  • Location: Set up your bee house near flowers and get to know your local native bees!
  • BeeTube Dimensions: Inside diameter of BeeTubes - 4mm, outside diameter - 6mm, length - 6"

Get the Small Bee Discovery kit today and start exploring the fascinating world of native bees in your yard!