Wild Bee Adventure Bee House

The perfect way to begin your solitary bee-raising journey.

Ready for an adventure? Let's see what solitary cavity-nesting bees are already calling your backyard home. The various sizes and variety of tubes lets you dabble your toes in the bee raising pool with minimal expense or effort. Just hang it up and insert the tubes, then wait and see who moves in. Hmmm. I wonder which tubes will fill up first, the cardboard tubes or the natural reeds. Which do you think will tickle your bees' fancies? 

Wild Bee Adventure Includes

  • Bee Adventure Bee House: 2" H x 2" W x 8" D
  • 3 BeeTubes - size 4mm 
  • 3 BeeTubes - size 6mm 
  • 3 BeeTubes - size 8mm 
  • 3 Natural Reeds - size 6mm
  • 3 Natural Reeds - size 8mm
  • Set up instructions printed inside label 


  • Select a location that faces S to SE, morning sun is optimal to warm the bees so they can begin to fly. Provide afternoon shade in hot locations that are consistently above 90F/32C.
  • Locate the house within 300ft (100m) of your flowers.
  • Position your bee house away from birdhouses and bird feeders.
  • Install the bee house on a sturdy wall or fence about 5 feet (1.5m) from the ground to protect from pests and predators. This is also the best height for observing the bees.
  • Install a nail or screw for mounting the house on a post, fence or wall. 
  • Mount the bee house on the nail or screw.

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