Thank you for considering our collaboration to enhance your clients’ ecosystems with a low-cost innovative add-on! 🌿 Let’s delve into the world of gentle native bees, those unsung heroes of pollination.


Why Native Bees?

  • Pollination Prowess: These little buzzers are pollination powerhouses! They diligently bellyflop spreading pollen from flower to flower, ensuring abundant yields for your clients’ gardens.
  • Low Maintenance: Native bees are easy to care for, making them a delightful addition to any backyard.
  • Backyard Bliss: Imagine the joy of your clients watching solitary bees go about their business—each one a queen, nesting in cozy reeds and filling them with pollen and nectar.
  • Add pollinator friendly plants: Yards need both eye-pleasing for humans and bee-nourishing plants to help the bees thrive.

    Exclusive Benefits for Our Partners:

    • 30% Discount: Access our retail products at a discounted rate.
    • Help with Orders: We'll assist you with your orders for best customer success.
    • Direct Shipping: We can ship large orders directly to you or individually to your clients.
    • Co-Branded Flyers: Spread the buzz! Offer our services to your clients through personalized fliers.

      Our Support System:

      • Online Help Desk: We’re here to guide you. Have questions? Reach out anytime to!
      • “How to Raise Bees” Education: Either learn yourself or introduce your client to our website where they can learn the art of solitary beekeeping. We have "How to Raise Bees" education and videos.
      • Monthly “BeeMail” Newsletter: Stay informed about the latest buzz in beekeeping.
      • Landscape Professional Reminders: We'll remind you by email 4 times a year on easy "what to do now" tips.


      Year-Round Bee Hotel Services:

      • Our bee hotels are available throughout the year. Spring mason bees are mailed on Mondays from February to April, while summer leafcutters are sent from May to August.
      • You can choose to receive the bees for release or have them delivered directly to your client’s home along with detailed instructions.

      Together, let’s create a thriving, bee-friendly environment—one backyard at a time! 

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