Picking a Mason Bee Ship Date


Spring mason bees overwinter as adults, ready to emerge when daytime temperatures reach a consistent 55°F/13°C and spring blooms are open. We recommend picking a shipping date that is two weeks ahead of when you expect your spring plants to begin to bloom. 

We know that predicting spring blooms can be challenging, especially in the age of climate change. For this reason, we allow you to adjust your Bee Ship Date up to 7 days before your scheduled ship date by choosing CHANGE MY BEE SHIP DATE from the HELP CENTER page

We highly recommend that you mark your calendar with your selected Monday bee ship date(s) after placing your order.

To help you estimate when spring will begin in your area, check out the following resources:

  • Check if your region has a spring bloom watch, e.g., the National Park Service has a Yoshino Cherry bloom watch.

When can I place my mason bee order?


When you purchase our mason bee cocoons, our system will prompt you to choose a bee ship date from a set list of dates. These dates are confined to when the bees are ready to fly. 

If you order one of our Complete Kits with Bees, the hard goods will ship immediately after placing your order, and the bees will ship on your desired bee ship date(s). 


When do you ship mason bee cocoons? 

For the health of the bees, we only ship mason bee cocoons on Mondays to ensure they do not get stuck in transit over the weekend.

Our mason bee season runs from February - April. The reason we end our mason bee season in April is that the adult bees overwintering in their cocoons are surviving off their fat reserves. At the end of April, their reserves are running low. Postponing the emergence of the bees any longer can lead to weak or dead bees - the last thing we want! 

We understand some areas don't see spring until May or even June. For our customers in these areas, try leafcutter bees! Or, if you have an unseasonably early spring one year, try to get a population started with our mason bees. Once established in your area, they will time their natural emergence to your local temps. 

How do you ship mason bee cocoons? 

All mason bee cocoons ship FREE via FedEx 2Day shipping in the United States or via Canada Post in Canada. 

We apologize, but at this time, we can only ship bees to the United States and Canada. 

Be sure to read our Mason Bees by Mail Instructions before your bees arrive to learn what to do once your mason bees arrive at your doorstep. 

We average a 99% success rate in getting your bees to you safely. However, due to factors beyond our control during transit, extreme temperatures and shipping delays may affect your bees.

  • If your bees emerged during transit or spring has not sprung yet, it's possible to keep bees in a state of forced hibernation by putting them in the fridge until temps have warmed and blooms have opened. Do not be alarmed! The bees may appear dead in this dormant state. Release bees as soon as blooms are open or by May 1st, whichever comes first. 

Can I purchase products and mason bees in the same order?

Of course! Our hard goods are available year-long and ship immediately after placing your order, and the bees ship on your desired bee ship date(s).