Fear not the dreaded porch pirate. We've got you covered.

Sometimes packages don't show up when we expect or want them to. They can be lost in the shipper's network of transfer points. Or, they are dropped at a neighbor's house. Sometimes they are just running late. Or the dreaded porch pirate has made an appearance—aaaaargh! Regardless of how your order failed to reach you, we will replace it. 

We do ask that you wait three days before contacting us as lost packages often show up—delivered by a neighbor or found at the bottom, back, right corner of the driver's truck, hiding under a cargo blanket. 

The notable exception would be bees. Feel free to contact us the day after the expected due date. Promised shipping dates are not quite as reliable as they were pre-COVID and sometimes 2-Day shipping rolls over to the third day.

Gather up your order and tracking number and reach out to us via the form below.

Account Holder

If you were logged in when you placed your order, you can check your order's status from your account page. See Track My Order for instructions. Or, you can check your email for a shipping confirmation from Crown Bees.

Guest Shopper

You can check your email for a shipping confirmation from Crown Bees. Take a peek in your spam folder if you don't see one. Click on the tracking number to see just where your package is currently. If you can't find your shipping confirmation, please open a Help Center ticket and we will respond as soon as possible.