Inserts for Mason Bee BeeTubes

Give your mason bees a clean home to start off the new season. Think spring housecleaning for bees!


Spring Inserts For Mason Bees are a popular choice for mason bee farmers, including those participating in our Bee Buy Back Program. They are lightweight, easy to open, and contribute to overall bee health. 


Place Inserts in a protective BeeTubeTM and set in your bee house with open ends facing out. Bees find their nesting cavities by sight, based upon depth perception; but BeeTubes with Inserts are uniform. Provide visual markers by allowing some to stick out further than others, or add some sticks between nesting tubes. In other words, muss them up a bit.  

Pro Tip: Pests and parasitic wasps can easily attack thin-walled Inserts. Do not use Inserts without a BeeTube or protective casing.


How to Open Inserts

Inserts Method

After removing each Insert from its protective casing, carefully snip the end of the insert and begin tearing it on the diagonal—similar to one of those cans of refrigerated biscuits or cinnamon rolls.

Soak Method

After removing each Insert from its protective casing, place your Inserts in a tub of lukewarm water. The glue will dissolve in about 15 minutes. Spring mason bee cocoons can stay immersed in water for up to an hour without damage to the bees. However, don't wash your cocoons after January, as this can cause the cocoons to become leathery and make it difficult for young bees to emerge.