Leafcutter Cocoons in CocoonGuard Bag

The CocoonGuardTM Bag is a small, fine mesh bag that protects your harvested bee cocoons over the winter until the bees are ready to be released in your bee house.

Protecting and storing each kind of wild bee or beneficial wasp cocoon in its own CocoonGuardTM Bag will make managing your bees easier. The CocoonGuard Bag can store approximately 500 summer leafcutter cocoons.


  • Sort your bee cocoons by type--beneficial wasps, wild bees, leafcutters.
  • Place each type of bee in its own CocoonGuardTM Bag.
  • Use the drawstring to tightly close the bag.
  • Store the bag out of direct sunlight in an unheated garage or well-ventilated shed where the temperature is roughly equal to the temperature outdoors. You needn't be concerned about severe cold.
  • When the weather warms to 50F/10C, periodically check on the development of your bees or beneficial wasps. When you see emerged adults, set the CocoonGuardTM Bag on top of your fresh nesting materials. You may chill the bag of cocoons in your fridge for about 15 minutes to slow emerged-bee activity.
  • Loosen the drawstring to open.
  • Place it towards the back to keep the remaining cocoons out of direct sunlight. 
  • The CocoonGuardTM Bag is machine washable.
    • Use a detergent that is safe for delicate fabrics. Ex: Woolite, Dreft
    • Use the "gentle" or "delicate" setting on your washer.
    • Dry using low heat setting. It's a good idea to include a couple of clean dry dish towels in the dryer. This will encourage the bags to dry more quickly.