Cocoon Hatchery with Mason Bee Cocoons

A cocoon hatchery protects your cocoons from birds, sunlight, wind and rain.

There is a hatchery designed to fit in all Crown Bees houses. You can even use then in your DIY house.

To use, simply place your bee cocoons in the tube and slide the hatchery with the entrance facing out into your bee house. Place the hatchery tube as far back as possible as direct sunlight can harm or kill your emerging bee cocoons.

The hatchery can hold up to 100 to 200 mason or leafcutter bee cocoons. The hatchery also protects wild bee cocoons during emergence.

Note: Do not use the hatchery tube to store your cocoons in the fridge. Leafcutter and wild bee cocoons are not waterproof and cannot be washed or stored in the fridge. Mason bee cocoons stored in the fridge must be kept moist during long-term fridge storage, use a HumidiBee to store your mason bee cocoons in your fridge over the winter.