CleanBee Solution

A Safe bleach Alternative 

Naturally occurring HOCl* is highly effective in targeting mold, chalkbrood (a fungal spore) and other surface diseases that can harm your bees. It is a pure, stable compound that is safe for humans, animals, and insects.


  • Cleaning trays
    • As you disassemble your trays, lay them out flat in the order in which they were assembled. This will ensure that when you reassemble the trays, they will fit together as they did before you took them apart.
    • Liquids will warp your trays. So, use a dry, stiff-bristled brush to thoroughly clean them.
    • Lightly apply Clean Bee™ to a Q-tip and scrub any visible signs of chalkbrood and other infections. There is no need to spray the entire surface.
  • Protecting Mason bee cocoons You can spray CleanBeeTM on your mason bee cocoons to treat mold growth in your HumidiBee container during winter storage.
    • Wash and dry your cocoons.
    • Lay out in a single layer on a flat surface working in about a 2' x 2' maximum space.
    • Spritz them with CleanBee
    • Shuffle. (Think shuffling dominoes.)
    • Spritz again.
    • Shuffle
    • Store in your HumidiBee.
  • Use all contents or replace yearly.

*Manufactured by Briotech, Inc.