Thank you for considering our collaboration to enhance your clients’ ecosystems! Let’s delve into the world of gentle native bees, those unsung heroes of pollination. 

Why Native Bees?

  • Pollination Prowess: These little buzzers are pollination powerhouses! They diligently flit from flower to flower, ensuring abundant yields for your clients’ gardens.
  • Low Maintenance: Native bees are easy to care for, making them a delightful addition to any backyard.
  • Backyard Bliss: Imagine the joy of watching solitary bees go about their business—each one a queen in her own right, nesting in cozy reeds and filling them with pollen and nectar.
  • Add pollinator friendly plants: Yards need both eye-pleasing for humans and bee-nourishing plants to help the bees thrive.

    Our Support System:

    • Online Help Desk: We’re here to guide you. Have questions? Reach out anytime!
    • “How to Raise Bees” Education: Learn the art of beekeeping and share your newfound knowledge with clients.
    • Monthly “BeeMail” Newsletter: Stay informed about the latest buzz in beekeeping.

    Exclusive Benefits for Our Partners:

    1. 30% Discount: Access our retail products at a discounted rate.
    2. Help with Orders: We'll assist you with your orders for best customer success.
    3. Direct Shipping: We can ship large orders directly to you or individually to your clients.
    4. Fall Bee Nest Maintenance: Entrust your clients’ filled nesting material to us at the end of the year. For a nominal fee, we’ll ensure the bees thrive! Download Service outline.
    5. Co-Branded Flyers: Spread the buzz! Offer our services to your clients through personalized fliers.


    Year-Round Bee Hotel Services: Our bee hotels are available throughout the year. Spring mason bees are mailed on Mondays from February to April, while summer leafcutters are sent from May to August. You can choose to receive the bees for release or have them delivered directly to your client’s home along with detailed instructions. 

    Together, let’s create a thriving, bee-friendly environment—one backyard at a time! 🌸🌼🐝

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