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 Native Bee Network, Support Wild Bees in your Backyard

Native Bee Network, Support Wild Bees in your Backyard



The Native Bee Network (NBN) Program helps the country find, identify, and raise our native wild hole-nesting bees. Ultimately, native bees will be used in our organic farms and orchards for more food production.

NBN is a long-term program that starts now. 

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Opening a Lake Reed
Wild Bee Nesting Materialsnative bee reeds filled with colorful end caps


Our Native Bee Network (NBN) Program

Food is vital. While the honey bee continues to be challenged, our native food-making bees are unknown and overlooked.

Crown Bees is leading a new program to work with individuals and groups to find, identify, and raise more bees. Our ultimate long-term goal is to place native bees in nearby farms and orchards.

Very recent research shows that a diversity of pollinators is vital to completely pollinate our crops. Scientific studies over the past 30 years conclude that native bees are the best pollinators of nutritious food like fruit, nuts, berries, and vegetables.

We believe the best native bee is already in your area, but not in enough numbers to pollinate farms. Help us find these bees!

We’re focusing on just hole-nesting bees. While roughly 75% of our native bees nest in the ground, we’re unable to safely move without damaging these vulnerable pollinators. Hole-nesting bees, on the other hand, can be moved from your yard across the town or county to a nearby neighbor’s garden or to a farmer’s field or orchard.

Join us in finding native hole-nesting bees!

What Individuals Can Do

What Groups Can Do