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Learn about solitary bee houses

2.5 Bee Houses

2.5 Learn about Native Bee Houses

A bee house provides the bees and nesting holes protection from rain, wind, and when necessary, birds.

Bee houses keep the nesting holes dry with a roof that is at least 3” longer than the nesting holes. Bee houses should also offer a space for bees to emerge from their cocoons. Crown Bees offer a variety of bee house sizes and styles to satisfy your aesthetics and budget.

Benefits of our wooden bee houses:

  • Cedar is sourced from Canadian First Nations forests with strict sustainable standards.
  • All joints are glued for a longer lasting house and to keep the house weather resistant.
  • Keyhole slot provides a quick installation and easy removal for winter storage, extending the life of the bee house.

Benefits of our BeeHuts and BeeHaven houses:

  • Easy to install with a removable screw cap, simply install cap and attach bee house to the screw cap base.
  • Durable plastic or PVC material.
  • Small size makes installation in an orchard or field easy and affordable.

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Getting Started Buying Guide


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