2020 Spring Pollination Update


Mother Mason Bees delivered this week


Flowers visited today by this week's bees


Mother Mason Bees delivered in 2020


Flowers visited today by all 2020 Crown Bees

Mason Bees are For Sale Right Now

Here's why you want to raise our gentle mason bees this spring!

  • You'll grow 3X more apples, cherries, plums, nuts and berries.
  • Mason bees are 100X more effective pollinators than honey bees.
  • Mason bees fly in cooler and wetter weather than most other bees.
  • They only forage within a 300 ft circle from the bee house, so you know they are pollinating your fruit trees and berry patches.
  • Super easy to raise and fun to watch - just set up their bee house and place out their cocoons.
  • Crown Bees harvests, cleans, and screens our bee cocoons to prevent the spread of diseases and deadly pests like the new Houdini fly
2020 Spring Mason Bees - 20 ct
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Crown Bees does not sell bamboo bee house products, click here to read why

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Houdini Fly - A new invasive pest threatens Mason Bees

About Crown Bees

Our Vision for a Healthy World

Gardeners and farmers grow more food when raising the right bee on the right crop - it’s that simple. Over the past thirty years, research and field trials have proven the positive relationship between bee diversity and crop yield. Crown Bees raises, sells, and advocates for solitary hole-nesting bees that pollinate significantly better than the honey bee.

Our History

Crown Bees retail website was launched in 2009 and by 2010 we had products in nurseries throughout the Northwest. We're proud to have expanded our garden and hardware store wholesales nationally, become advisers to academia, spoken at the United Nations about food security, and partnered with multiple nonprofits.

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Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit - Chalet with Bees
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Community Harvest Party 2019

Reforestation Nation raises awareness of solitary bees

Crown Bees was featured by Reforestation Nation in their video funded by environmental charity One Tree Planted.

by: Demarus Tevuk
November 19, 2019
Category: News & Events
Community Harvest Party 2019

Annual Mason Bee Harvest Party at Crown Bees

During our Mason Bee Harvest Party, Crown Bees experts worked alongside community guests to open nesting materials like natural reedspaper tubes, & wood trays filled with next year's mason bees.

by: Dave Hunter
October 13, 2019
Category: News & Events
2019 Mason Bee Harvest Party

2019 Mason Bee Harvest Party

We invite local mason bee raisers to come to learn how to harvest their mason bee cocoons. This year's party will be on Saturday, October 12 from 10 am to 2 pm. Crown Bees address is 13410 NE 177th Pl, Woodinville WA 98072. BYOB - Bring Your Own Bees!

by: Demarus Tevuk, Crown Bees
September 26, 2019
Category: News & Events