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Tower Kits with Bees

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Tower Kits with Bees


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Spring, Summer, or Dual Season Complete Kits with Bees: Effortless and Fun Bee-Raising!

Perfect for Large Yards and Bee Enthusiasts

Our various Complete Kits for Spring, Summer, or Dual Season with Bees make raising gentle Mason and Leafcutter bees both easy and enjoyable. Featuring our Tower Bee House, the largest kit available, these complete packages are ideal for large yards or for those participating in our Bee Buy Back Program.

Note: Lifestyle photos may not fully represent the contents of this product. Please refer to the specifications and kit options below.

Year-Round Shipping:

Our complete kits ship year-round! Hard goods, including the Tower Bee House, nesting reeds, booklet, and accessories, ship at the time of order. Bee cocoons ship on your desired bee ship date(s).

Why Choose Mason and Leafcutter Bees?

Our Spring Mason bees and Summer Leafcutter bees carry pollen dry and loose on their bellies, foraging close to their nests. This behavior makes them super efficient cross-pollinators for gardens. Simply set up the bee house, place nesting materials and bee cocoons inside, and watch the bees pollinate and build their nests. Raising these gentle solitary bees requires only about two hours per year!

Kit Options:

  • Spring Kit: Includes Mason bees for spring pollination.
  • Summer Kit: Includes Leafcutter bees for summer pollination.
  • Dual Season Kit: Includes both Mason and Leafcutter bees for continuous pollination.

Tower Bee House Specifications:

  • Peaked Roof: Features a 2″ overhang to drain excess rain.
  • Easy Installation: Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal.
  • Dimensions: 14" H x 10" W x 9" D


The nesting materials included in our Complete Kits will not fill the house entirely. The open space between the nesting materials and the roof allows for easy placement and removal and gives you room to be creative. You can fill the gap with colorful artistic materials or purchase additional nesting materials to fill the space. The choice is yours!

Choose a kit based on your preferred pollination period and enjoy the benefits of raising gentle solitary bees with our comprehensive and easy-to-use kits!