I enjoyed seeing you at the Monarch & More Meeting. Here's the concept in detail that we spoke about.

Our Pollinator "North Star" needs:

  • A common vision shared to increase positive environmental change
  • A guide showing basic topics needed to achieve our vision
  • Sources of fundamentals for each major topic of our vision
Here's an approach that utilizes MJV's collaborative atmosphere:
  • By 2025's MJV conference, a team has created common vision, a basic "map" of topics, and a narrative that each gardener/influencer could follow to ultimately increase the likelihood of our vision.
  • Members of MJV and other organizations have this same map with the vision and simple directions on their websites. The organizations that have expertise and fundamental knowledge to share, place "You Are Here" on our map:


The next step is critical. Websites hosting the map will hyperlink to the unique MJV landing page.

MJV has sub links to MJV internal pages for each topic. A click pulls the viewer to a page that has easy to understand basics with additional links to MJV approved expertise and/or products.

This journey leads to better awareness and understanding of our vision and the spreading of knowledge, which yields positive environmental action.

Crown Bees would like to discuss this concept with you.  Reach out to Dave Hunter at dave@crownbees.com