Sunshine and Pollen - The Life of Mason Bees

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Share the story of the secret life of mason bees, as told by a mason bee!

Follow a year in the life of a mason bee from egg to a mother bee as she builds her own nest. The story also includes mason bee raising steps and facts about honey bees and wild pollinators.

Sunshine and Pollen would make a wonderful storytime or children's read-aloud book, and it's also a great coffee table book for sparking conversations about bees. This book gets the coveted Crown Bees seal of approval for its accurate depiction of the mason bee's life cycle. 

From the author Monika Grünberg:

"Did you know that there is a wild animal that lives right in your back yard, and it is so gentle it will sit on a child's finger? Did you know this animal has been keeping plants going from one year to the next since before people even existed? Did you know it needs help, from you?

The mason bee is one of thousands of native pollinators that the circle of life depends upon. It is gentle, and beautiful, and easy to love. And it has a story to tell!"


  • Softcover, 55 full-color pages.
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