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Wild Solitary Bee Hotel

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Wild Solitary Bee Hotel


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Tower Bee House Combo: Providing Habitat for Native Bees

Create essential nesting habitat for your local native bees with our Tower Bee House Combo, featuring a variety of nesting materials tailored to support wild cavity-nesting bees.

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  • Tower Bee House: 14" H x 10" W x 9" D
  • InvitaBee Pheromone Attractants
  • 70 Natural Reeds - size 6mm
  • 70 Natural Reeds - size 8mm
  • 2 Solid Wood Boards with Starter Holes
  • Instruction Sheet


Wild, native bees come in various sizes and require nesting cavities that match their needs. Our Tower Bee House Combo includes nesting materials in an array of diameters to accommodate most bee species, ensuring optimal nesting conditions for their health and well-being. Material Safety Data Sheet for Clean Bee

Promoting Bee Diversity:

Our Combo pack features natural reeds that are easy to open and replace, promoting bee diversity and health. Additionally, two untreated solid wood boards provide nesting sites for Carpenter bees, essential pollinators known for their buzz-pollinating abilities.

InvitaBee Pheromone Attractants:

Enhance the attractiveness of your Wild Bee Hotel with our InvitaBee pheromone spray, which attracts mason and leafcutter bee species, encouraging bee activity in your garden.

Set Up and Enjoy:

Place your Tower Bee House near flowering plants to attract and support local native bees. Gain insight into the diverse array of bee species in your area while contributing to their conservation and well-being.


Wild, native bees encompass a diverse range of sizes, each requiring nesting cavities tailored to their specific dimensions. Our selection of nesting materials offers a variety of diameters to accommodate the needs of most bee species. With our Natural Reeds, maintaining bee health is effortless, as they are designed for easy replacement and accessibility.

Carpenter bees, akin in size to bumblebees (Xylocopa spp), possess a distinct preference for chewing through solid wood boards to create their nesting sites. These industrious bees, with female individuals capable of living for several years, exhibit the remarkable ability to clean and reuse their nesting holes. Our Wild Bee Motel features two untreated solid wood boards, providing ideal nesting sites for Carpenter bees. Notably, Carpenter bees contribute to the vital buzz-pollination of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cranberries.

Many wild bee species exhibit a preference for nesting in environments with familiar scents, indicating prior usage. Our InvitaBee pheromone spray is specifically formulated to attract mason and leafcutter bee species, enhancing nesting site selection.

Establish your Wild Bee Hotel near your floral landscapes to foster interaction with your local native bees, gaining insights into their behaviors and contributing to their conservation.