BeeGuard(TM) Pest Prevention Bag for Cavity-nesting Bees

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The BeeGuard Bag is designed to protect against ants, parasitic wasps, carpet beetles, and other pests from gaining access to your developing bees!


  • Machine washable
  • Flat dimensions: 20″ x 21″
  • Color may vary


  • Can be used for protecting spring mason bee and summer leafcutter bee nesting materials.
  • Crafted from industrial organza fabric, this reusable bag provides a protective barrier between larvae-filled nesting material and hungry predators.
  • The ultra-fine mesh fabric helps to safeguard developing bees while allowing moisture to escape. Double drawstring secures the bag entrance.
  • Fits two large (96-hole) mason bee wood trays, two large (104-hole) leafcutter trays or approximately 400 nesting tubes
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