Affiliate Program



Thank you for your interest in the Crown Bees Affiliate Program!

Drive traffic from your blog, website, and social media platforms to and make money! You'll earn a commission on every purchase made by the customers you refer.

Our affiliate program is absolutely FREE to join. It is easy to sign-up and doesn’t require any solitary bee-raising knowledge!

Who can join the Crown Bees Affiliate Program?

Whether you run a large e-commerce website or a small blog, you are welcome to join our program! However, we are looking for Affiliates who align with our values and are selective about the brands, bloggers, and influencers we work with.

We do not accept coupon sites in the Crown Bees Affiliate program.

Why Partner with Crown Bees?

You'll earn money with Crown Bees because…

Crown Bees is the largest independent solitary bee business, offering an innovative selection of solitary bee-raising supplies as well as expert advice and in-depth information about products and best practices.

Crown Bees is OBA Certified! OBA Certified Sustainable Bees are raised using sustainable propagation and management practices such as: control of pests and chalkbrood, regional shipping restrictions, independently managing and keeping records of populations from different regions, and sustainable trap-nesting.

Crown Bees has a loyal customer base of over 100,000 of solitary bee raisers!

Crown Bees' goal is to help people help bees. Through educational and community programs, school resources, our evidence-based online knowledge base, newsletters and blogs, and our self-service support center, we aim to help people address food insecurity, sustainability, and solitary bee conservation.

Crown Bees has been a leader in the solitary bee industry since 2008.

How It Works:

An Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program where the Affiliate drives traffic to the Crown Bees website in exchange for referral commissions. When a user clicks on the affiliate link to our website and completes a purchase, the Affiliate gets a commission!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1: Read the terms and conditions and fill out the Affiliate Application form for Crown Bees

Step 2: Once approved, post a link on your blog, website, or social media accounts

Step 3: Collect a 5% commission on total product sales from customers driven to Crown Bees through your links!

Step 4: Track your clicks and commissions through the LeadDyno platform.

Step 5: Commission deposits will automatically be sent to your registered PayPal account. We payout at the end of the month for the prior month if the accumulated commission is greater than $100 USD.

A Note to Customers Regarding Affiliate Generated Sales

Crown Bees customers may be incentivized by a Crown Bees Affiliate website to make a purchase. For any issues related to affiliate offers, please contact their website directly. Crown Bees does not manage the offers published by affiliates.

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the following Terms & Conditions before applying for our affiliate program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Affiliate Program manager at