WS - Spring Total Accessories Package for Mason Bees

Our Spring Total Accessories Package provides everything you need in one convenient package for protecting, raising and maintaining your spring mason bees.


Our Spring Total Accessories Package for Mason Bees includes the essentials to help you successfully raise spring mason bees. A perfect addition to your DIY bee house project!

InvitaBee Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant

An exclusive USDA-patented pheromone attractant that makes your nesting materials smell like home. Your mason bees and nearby wild mason bees will have a higher probability of nesting. Also includes 5 natural lake reeds to visually attract mason bees.

Mason Bee Mud Mix

A clayey mud source is crucial to successfully raise mason bees. Add our dry clay mud mix to sandy or loamy soil to provide your bees with the clayey mud they need to build their nests.

BeeGuard Bag

Over the summer, store your mud-capped nesting materials in our generously sized and breathable BeeGuard Bag to prevent parasitic wasps, birds, carpet beetles, earwigs, ants, and other pests from eating your developing bees.

HumidiBee Cocoon Humidifier

Hibernating mason bee cocoons survive best when stored at a 34-38F (1-3C) temperature range with a humidity of 60-70%. Safely stores your mason bee cocoons in the fridge while preventing them from drying out in modern low-humidity, frost-free refrigerators.

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Reed quantity No
BeeTube quantities No
Nesting Hole Quantity No
Color: No
Quantity of reeds No
Include Leafcutter InvitaBee (+ $8.95) No
Select House No
Size No
Manufacturer Crown Bees
Wood Tray Size No
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