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Talk & Teach Presentations

Education is the first step to raising awareness about the vital role native bees have always served in our pollination needs. Raising and supporting native bees is a key part of the future of sustainable agriculture. We want you to feel confident and prepared and we have built the materials you need, all you have to do is speak. You can help us raise awareness, which helps the bees, by talking with a variety of audiences. Every bit of discussion benefits the bees, our ecosystems, and our economies.

Receive a Talk & Teach resource packet that contains examples of nesting materials, cocoons, and other helpful resources for your presentation by completing the form at the bottom of this page. We've also created a "Bees & Sustainability" PowerPoint presentation to aid in public presentations about solitary bees.

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Talking Points for Teaching Children

who to speak with

Your Friends & Neighbors

Talking to your friends and neighbors about the joy of raising native bees is easy because watching them go in and out of their nesting holes is surprisingly fascinating. But what if you attempt to raise native bees and they leave because your neighbor may be using pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers? How do you talk to your neighbor in a friendly way that will help them understand your desire to raise bees?

We have created a postcard to give to your neighbors with the information you need to speak to your neighbor effectively and with confidence.

Download Neighborhood Postcard PDF

We are always happy to hear your suggestions for what has worked for you, please email us outreach@crownbees.com.

Nurseries & Garden Centers

Does your favorite nursery or garden center sell fruit trees and berry bushes and you wish that they also sold mason bee and leafcutter bee products? Do you have a passion for compelling your garden center to eliminate chemically-treated plants? You can help gardeners gain awareness about native bees by urging the nursery to get to know us better. Being able to run to the garden center for extra nesting tubes and accessories would be convenient and it will also help your fellow gardeners grow higher quality fruits and vegetables. We plan on building talking points for approaching nurseries and garden centers and would welcome your thoughts and advice.

Attract Attention at Fairs & Festivals

What better way to draw attention to your organization’s table than with a sign about bees? We are currently developing a tabling kit to be used at fairs, festivals, and other large events. This is a wonderful time to speak to the public, introduce them to native bees, and answer their questions. The kit will include educational signage, brochures, and postcards. Tabling is also a great chance to run a fundraiser for your organization.

National Garden Clubs

Is your garden club participating in NGC BeeGAP? The presentation materials are now on this page, simply download our PowerPoint presentation in the yellow tabs at the top of this page. Thank you for raising mason bees and raising awareness of our native bees!

Farmers & Orchardists

Coming soon!

We are working on a list of talking points and tips that will help guide you and give you the information you need to speak with confidence. We are always happy to hear your suggestions for what has worked for you, please email us: outreach@crownbees.com.

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