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Our Talk & Teach educational materials are designed to help you talk with a variety of audiences about the vital role native bees serve in our pollination needs.

We have years of experience teaching about native hole-nesting bees and our materials address common questions and concerns. We want you to feel confident and prepared and we have built the materials you need, all you have to do is speak.

Our educational materials are a growing collection of resources that raise awareness of how to raise and support native hole-nesting bees.

Talk & Teach Collection

  • Talk & Teach: Get to Know Spring Mason Bees: Our PowerPoint presentation takes about 30-45 minutes to present and is a wonderful way to introduce gentle spring mason bees and how to raise them.
  • Native Bee Classroom Bundle: Teach your students about native bees while supporting wild bees with nesting habitat. Includes a bee house and hands-on activity sheets.
  • Native Bee Awareness Bundle: Display signs on your message board or at fairs and festivals and distribute brochures that introduce the public to gentle native bees.
  • Talk & Teach Speakers Packet: Use our free examples of nesting materials and bee cocoons as talking tools during your next presentation. Fill out the form below to request your speaker's packet.


Your Friends & Neighbors

Bees will fly over fences and hedges, visiting and pollinating your neighbor’s yards. Download our Neighborhood Postcard and help your friends and neighbors understand the effects that pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers can have on your local pollination. The postcard is also a great way to share your excitement for raising gentle solitary bees.

Children & Classrooms

Many classrooms are incorporating natural themes into their curriculum. Our classroom materials are perfect for introducing students and young people to the important topics of native bees and pollination and how they connect to their backyard. Our Native Bee Classroom Bundle provides vital nesting habitat and teaches native bee nesting habits throughout the year.

Attract Attention at Fairs & Festivals

What better way to draw attention to your organization’s table than with signs and information about bees? This is a wonderful time to speak to the public, introduce them to native bees, and answer their questions. The Native Bee Awareness Bundle includes educational weatherproof signs, brochures, booklet, and presentation.

National Garden Clubs

Is your garden club participating in NGC BeeGAP? The presentation materials are now on this page, simply download our Talk & Teach: Get to Know Spring Mason Bees PowerPoint presentation and apply below to receive a Talk & Teach Speakers Packet. Thank you for raising mason bees and raising awareness of our native bees!

Master Gardeners

Teach your budding gardeners and horticulturists about native pollinators and how to raise and support native bees. Our Talk & Teach: Get to Know Spring Mason Bees PowerPoint presentation and Talk & Teach Speakers Packet are excellent resources that fit perfectly with the Master Gardeners program.

  • We are always happy to hear your suggestions on how to expand our Talk & Teach materials, please email us: [email protected]

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