Spring Mason Bee Mud Box

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  • Mason Bee Mud Box broken out
  • Diagram how mason bee mud box works with capillary action
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Clay-rich Mud is Vital!

Our spring mason bee protects each nesting chamber with a wall of clay-rich mud. Without a nearby source of clayey mud, mason bees will not nest in your bee house. The correct moisture content is also very important because bees need moist clayey mud that they can easily gather and use. Read more here.


  • Roughly 1 cup dried clay


Arid locations, sandy soil, and rooftop gardens can struggle to keep their Mason Bee Mud Mix moist.

The Mason Bee Mud Box solves this challenge with capillary action. Water stored in the Mason Bee Mud Box takes an elevator ride up the black capillary cloth and then under the Mason Bee Mud Mix. The clay-rich mud can now wick up moisture and maintain the moisture content that mason bees need. Depending on weather conditions, the water level in the storage bin may last one to two weeks before refilling is required.

Includes set up instructions and dry Mason Bee Mud 

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