Spring Inserts for Mason Bees - 8mm

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Spring Insert - 8mm. This is inserted inside the 8mm "guard tube" or drilled blocks of wood for best use. When combined, this protects the developing mason bee larva from parasitic wasps. Save 15% when you order in bulk quantity of 250.


  • Spiral wound glacine paper insert: 8mm OD, 7mm ID 6" long
  • 60 or 250 count.

Product Features

  • Inserts easily fit within our 8mm BeeTube. 
  • Thickness of both BeeTube and Insert stops most parasitic wasp attacks.
  • For harvesting cocoons in the fall, remove inserts and drop them into a bath of tepid water. Within 10 minutes the glue dissolves and the paper and cocoons are easily separated.  Follow other harvesting advice to finish cleaning and storing the cocoons. Also can be easily torn up in a spiral manner.
  • For DIY Bee Houses, ensure roof is a minimum of 3” longer than BeeTube & Insert.
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