Spring Cardboard BeeTubes and Inserts for Mason Bees - 8mm

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  • BeeTubes and Inserts - 8mm for Spring Mason Bees
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  • BeeTubes and Inserts - 8mm for Spring Mason Bees - Front
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  • BeeTubes and Inserts - 8mm for Spring Mason Bees - Back
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Spring Cardboard BeeTubes & Inserts for Mason Bees - 8mm. Combined thickness of both BeeTubes and Inserts stop the majority of parasitic wasp attacks. 

Lifestyle photos may not accurately depict what is included with this product. Please make sure to read the specifications below.


  • Spiral wound 3 ply cardboard outer BeeTube: Outside diamter - 10mm , inside diameter- 8mm, length 5 7/8"
  • Spiral wound glacine paper insert: Outside diamter - 8mm , inside diameter- 7mm, length 6"
  • 36 count
  • 250 count

Product Features

  • Inserts easily fit within our 8mm BeeTubes. 
  • 36 count is enough for about 40 mason bee cocoons.
  • To harvest cocoons in the fall, remove inserts and drop them into a bath of lukewarm water. Within 10 minutes the glue dissolves and the paper and cocoons are easily separated. Learn more about harvesting mason bees here.
  • For DIY Bee Houses, ensure roof is a minimum of 3” longer than BeeTubes & Inserts.
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3 Reviews

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    Safe for bees

    Posted by Paula Taber on Apr 3rd 2023

    Comments have already been made regarding the sturdiness of both the cardboard tubes and the paper inserts, and how this helps keep bees and their babies safe and snug. My concern was about safety due to their origin - any chance they were foreign made of cheap and therefore possibly harmful materials? Knowing CrownBees, I figured not a chance at all , but contacted them about this anyway because I’m one of those “show me” kind of persons, and they confirmed it. These tubes and inserts are proprietary, and like all their other products, created with the health of both the bee and the environment in mind.

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    My bees’ nesting material of choice!

    Posted by BistitchualBee on Mar 6th 2023

    Last year I stocked my bee houses with a mix of natural reeds, wooden trays, and cardboard tubes to see if my bees had any preference. They liked the cardboard best! Which is fantastic news for me, because these are the easiest of all three to harvest from! The tubes are reusable, too; just buy more paper inserts. I’ve noticed that cardboard tubes from cheaper sources tend to have completely open backs that require the bees to make a large mud plug to seal off, but the backs of these tubes from Crown Bees are cinched mostly shut. They’re also a bit thicker than tubes from other sources I’ve tried. I’ll gladly pay a little extra for this brand knowing I don’t have to worry nearly as much about parasitic pests getting through.

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    Great innovation.

    Posted by Mike Moreland on Mar 20th 2022

    This is the first year I'm using these. I've used a variety of tubes, reeds, blocks over the years. I believe these will make harvesting much easier. Plus, it occurred to me that with extra inserts you could remove full inserts mid-season and replace with empty ones if it looks like you need more capacity. ------*****------- Crown Bees response: Mike, you are correct! This is why we sell our inserts in 60 ct packs. Pro Tip: when you drop your inserts into warm water in the fall for cocoon harvesting, the glue dissolves allowing one to pull strips of paper out while the cocoons float easily in the water. The Crown Bees team.

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