Summer Garden Upgrade Kit - with Leafcutter Bees - Reeds

Summer Garden Upgrade Kit - with Leafcutter Bees

Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit - Chalet With Bees

Our best all-in-one kit for raising gentle spring mason and summer leafcutter bees. Grow more fruit and vegetables with our gentle hole-nesting bees that are 100 times more effective than honeybees. Save vs. purchase of individual items! US orders only.

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Our Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit makes raising gentle mason and leafcutter bees easy and fun.

Our spring mason bees and summer leafcutter bees carry pollen dry and loose and they stay close to their bee house - making them 100 times more effective pollinators. Simply set up their bee house, place out their nesting holes and bee cocoons and watch them build their nests. Raising our gentle bees takes only about two hours per year!

Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit - Chalet Includes:

Chalet Bee House - peaked roof, Northwest cedar

• Spring natural reeds for mason bees, 35 count (8mm)

• Summer natural reeds for leafcutter bees, 35 count (6mm)

• 20 Mason bee cocoons acclimated to your region

• 200 Leafcutter cocoons incubated and ready to emerge

• InvitaBee Spray - attractant for summer leafcutter bees

• Native Bee Guide: our step by step 26-page booklet

Spring Total Accessories Package:

• HumidiBee: keeps hibernating mason bee cocoons hydrated

• InvitaBee Plus+: exclusive mason bee pheromone attractant

• BeeGuard Bag: fine mesh bag for protecting developing cocoons

• Mason Bee Mud Mix: dry clayey mud, just add water

• Instruction Sheet

Chalet Bee House Features:

• Peaked roof with 2″ overhang to drain excess rain

• Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal

• Size: 10" H x 10" W x 9" D

Spring and Summer BeeWorks Kit - Chalet ships year-round. Chalet Bee House, nesting reeds, booklet, and accessories ship at time of order. Bee cocoons will ship in season on dates selected.

We cannot ship bees outside the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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