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Summer Reusable Wood Trays for Leafcutter Bees - 20-Hole

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Reusable wood nesting trays (20-hole) for summer leafcutter bees.

Regular Price: $15.95

Special Price $8.95



Seasoned Small Leafcutter Wood Tray Cartridge "smells like successful bees"

These trays should be placed within a bee house to protect it from rain.

  • Cartridge contains six wood trays designed to stack upon each other, creating a total of 20 holes that are 1/4" (6mm) in diameter.
  • The most valuable tray for raising mason and leafcutter bees are seasoned trays from previous bee seasons that retain nest scents. Commercial leafcutter raisers will only use old boards due to their success.
  • We have carefully selected the best trays that smell like leafcutter bees.
  • Designed for about 50 leafcutter cocoons.
  • Wood is the natural habitat for leafcutter bees and provides both natural insulation qualities as well as moisture control. Wood has a natural wicking effect that pulls moisture from the wet pollen & leaf mass.
  • The nesting trays are easy to extract cocoons and are easily cleaned and reassembled. This is important during fall harvest.
  • Since nesting trays are reusable, this helps control your yearly costs for raising the bees.
  • The front of the wood trays have been painted black to increase the heat absorption for morning flight of the bees.
  • Stack size:  2 1/2" w x 1 1/2" h x 6" deep

Additional Information

Additional Information


How to use the Leafcutter Wood Tray

  • Place outdoors in June or whenever your area is ready for your Leafcutter cocoons to go out for emergence
  • Needs to be located in a spot that will not allow the trays to get soaked due to rain. Provide about 2-3" of overhang. You can always reuse your Mason Bee House with this cartridge with no adverse issues to either bee since one is spring and other is summer pollinator.
  • Once Leafcutters are done flying, bring the cartridge into a garage or well ventilated shed, (around end of August).
  • Store the cartridge with the open holes facing up.

How to Harvest your Cartridge 

  • Leafcutters are generally harvested from the cartridge in late spring.
  • Remove tape from around the wooden trays stacked together to form the cartridge.
  • Unstack the trays one at a time, carefully removing leafy cocoons from each channel
  • Once all cocoons are removed, the trays are ready to be cleaned and stored for next season.
  • Read more on how to shift your cocoons from larva to bees.


How to Clean your Cartridge

  • Clean the individual trays on both sides with a scrub brush to remove excess pollen and other debris.
  • Restack and re-tape the trays wrapping tape around sides and back (unpainted end) of tray.
  • Store the cartridge in a dry location for next season.
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