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Reusable Bands for Wood Tray Sets


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A pair of Reusable Bands for Wood Nesting Tray Sets, just right for upgrading your reusable wood nesting trays.

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Reusable bands are perfect for keeping reusable wood nesting trays stacked in place.

Manufactured from EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer, M-class) our reusable bands are resistant to deterioration caused by heat, ozone, and weather.

Available in two sizes, small and medium.

• Small - 2 1/4 inch diameter. Designed to fit the discontinued 12-hole Spring Mason Bee wood tray and the discontinued 20-hole Summer Leafcutter Bee wood tray.

• Medium - 3 3/4 inch diameter. Designed to fit all of our wood tray sets, holding sets made of up to 13 trays together.

• Spring Mason Bee wood tray sizes: 24-hole, 48-hole, and 96-hole sets

• Summer Leafcutter Bee wood tray sizes: 39-hole, 52-hole (discontinued), 78-hole, 104-hole (discontinued), and 156-hole sets 

Reusable bands are sold as a set of 2.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Simply stretch band and slip around tray set, placing one band near front of tray set and one near back of tray set.

Note: Nesting holes in the back of tray need to remain covered with a piece of duct tape or cardboard to prevent predators from attacking larvae from the rear. If using a strip of cardboard, cut cardboard the height of the tray and adding 1 to 2 inches to the tray width. Place cardboard over back of tray, creasing cardboard and folding it around sides of tray set. Ends of cardboard can be tucked beneath bands to hold it in place.

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