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Crown Bees products are designed with bee health in mind first.

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  1. A pair of Reusable Bands for Wood Nesting Tray Sets, just right for upgrading your reusable wood nesting trays.

  2. Register your bee house with a unique NBN number to participate in our Native Bee Network. Our NBN stickers cost $3 and include the sticker, shipping, and registration into our national database.
  3. The CocoonGuard Bag provides a convenient way to store wild and summer leafcutter bee cocoons. Simply place the CocoonGuard Bag in your bee house in the spring or summer and watch adult bees emerge.
  4. Spring Mason Bee Mud Mix, 7oz. of dry clayey mud that is perfect for your nesting mason bees.

    Helps bees seal their nests!

    Beneficial for gardeners with sandy or loamy soil.

  5. Safeguard your bees with the BeeGuard Bag. Designed to keep pests away from developing bees. Sized to hold multiple wood nesting tray sets or hundreds of nesting tubes.

  6. Insert refills open easily and are designed for use with spring BeeTubes (8mm) or drilled blocks of wood.

    Save 25% when you order this item in bulk quantity of 250!

  7. HumidiBee™ Bee Cocoon Humidifier for winter storage of harvested spring mason bee cocoons.

  8. Native Bee Guide Second Edition: Grow More Food and Flowers - a step by step guide on how to raise hive-less bees and optimize your garden's potential (26-pages, full color booklet).

  9. InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant for all mason bees in the Osmia species. Invites mason bees to your bee house.

  10. InvitaBee™ Spray for Leafcutter Bees: Attracts summer leafcutter bees to your bee house.

  11. An easy to open cardboard tube in the 8mm size that spring mason bees prefer. Great for summer beneficial wasps.

    Save 15% when you order this item in bulk quantity of 250!

  12. The BeeHut bee house is perfectly sized for the beginner native bee raiser or for smaller yards or gardens. Bee house design and material provides optimal protection for nesting bees.

  13. Support wild pollinators with our Wild Bee Adventure! Provide vital missing nesting habitat for your local native bees with a variety of nesting hole sizes and nesting materials.

  14. Summer Natural Reeds are perfect for native bees such as the summer leafcutter bee or beneficial wasps.

    Hole sizes vary between 4-7mm

    Also available in bulk quantity of 250 for added value.

  15. An easy to open cardboard tube in the 4mm size that small wild bees prefer.

    Great for beneficial wasps like the aphid hunting wasp in the Pemphredon genus.

    Save 30% when you order this item in bulk quantity of 250!

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