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  1. Sale! InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant

    InvitaBee™ Plus+ Mason Bee Attractant for all mason bees in the Osmia species. Invites mason bees to your bee house.

  2. When it comes to protecting, raising and maintaining your native bees, the Total Accessories Package provides everything you need in one convenient package.

  3. Sale! Spring Mason Bee Mud Box Spring Mason Bee Mud Box

    The Mason Bee Mud Box, through capillary action, helps to ensure a clayey mud consistency that can be easily gathered by nesting spring mason bees. Water storage bin eliminates the need for daily watering. Mason Bee Mud Mix is included!

  4. Sale! InvitaBee Commercial, for Mason Bees
    InvitaBee™ Commercial, a concentrated formula for attracting spring mason bees. Designed for large-scale use in farms and orchards.
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