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  1. Our summer kit features your choice of Chalet or Cottage bee house and leafcutter bee cocoons - incubated & ready to fly. For summer gardeners looking to increase pollination of their summer flowers and vegetables. Save 28% vs purchase of individual items! US orders only.

  2. Size 6mm holes, less-than-perfect reusable wood nesting trays (78-hole) for summer leafcutter bees. Naturally occurring notches and marks in wood. Results in about 90% perfectly formed nesting holes.

    Please consider the InvitaBee option. We know it significantly helps attract these bees!

  3. Upgrade your summer garden pollination with our summer kit!

    Leafcutter bees are super pollinators that are gentle and easy to raise. Simply place our reusable wood trays into your bee house and add healthy summer leafcutter bee cocoons.

    Save 30% vs purchase of individual items! US orders only

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