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Holiday Gift Ideas

Share Your Mason Bee Cocoons

Do you want to help your local friends and family grow more fruit? Here's a fun idea: give them a Spring Chalet and 48-hole Wood Tray Set and a Native Bee Guide booklet. You can help them set up the bee house in the spring and share your extra mason bee cocoons.

Start from Scratch

Our kits provide everything you need to start raising bees.

• BeeWorks Kit - Chalet or Cottage - raise mason and leafcutter bees in classic bee house style
• Spring & Summer BeeWorks Hut - smaller size all-in-one kit is perfect for orchards
• Spring Mason Bee Kit - Chalet or Cottage - raise mason bees to grow more apples, pears, plums, nuts, and berries
• Summer Leafcutter Bee Kit - Chalet or Cottage - raise leafcutter bees for pollinating your summer garden

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Just the right size for your fireplace stockings!

• Summer Leafcutter BeeHaven - everything you need, includes leafcutter bee cocoons
• Native Bee Guide - our step by step 26-page guide
• Hole-Nesting Bee Accessories - increase your bee raising success
• Pollinator Pack - create an instant bee hotel

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