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Spring Easy-Tear Insert Refills for Mason Bees - 8mm - 250 ct - BULK


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Short Description

Spring EasyTear Insert Refills open easily and are designed for use with spring BeeTubes (8mm) or drilled blocks of wood.

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Bulk supply of Spring Easy-Tear Inserts! Your mason bees should have clean nesting holes each year.

  • Each insert is made of smooth paper that snugly fits inside 8mm BeeTubes.
  • Inserts can be easily pulled from Guard Tubes (older style) or BeeTubes.
  • Tear open inserts with ease, making harvesting cocoons a breeze.
  • If you are new to mason bees, please don't use inserts on their own. Inserts are too thin to be used by themselves because parasitic wasps can easily pierce through the walls. Inserts should be used with a protective BeeTube or inserted into a drilled hole.

Each box contains 250 Easy-Tear Insert Refills. Also available in quantity of 60.

Additional Information

Additional Information


1. Place inserts into spring BeeTube (8mm) or holes of nesting block. For insertion into nesting block, be sure to insert straw with some length protruding from hole to allow for removal later. Suggestion for use with drilled blocks: Fold end of insert to prevent pests from entering the tube and allow for easy removal of inserts. Please consider moving from drilled blocks to reeds, tubes or wooden trays. Over time, drilled blocks will result in a significant decrease of cocoons due to the presence of disease and pests in the block.
2. Do not use the insert without the protective BeeTube, which guards against parasitic wasps.
3. Protect Easy Tear Inserts from direct rain with a 2" overhang, like those of our bee houses.
4. During fall harvest of mason bee cocoons, pull out the insert from the BeeTube or wood block. Some tubes may stick a little because pollen has saturated the insert and glued it to the BeeTube. Tear open the insert from either end to expose and extract cocoons.

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